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At Mind & Body Health, we offer a wide range of treatments that are uniquely tailored to each client. These treatments will lift and enhance your health and wellbeing to new levels giving you more energy to live your life to the fullest. By offering Counselling, Life and Business Coaching, massage, acupuncture and training, we are able to treat your mind and your body for you to gain health and vitality to achieve your goals in life.
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Ear Candling & Cupping


Ear Candling is an ancient treatment that has been used for thousands of years and today continues to be widely used by practitioners to treat a range of issues.

The process of ear candling involves a specially designed hollow candle being inserted just inside the ear canal.  The candle is then lit and the suction that is formed draws the impurities from with the ear.

This process is known as ‘the chimney effect’.  The rising air gives the ear drum a gentle massage and helps to regulate ear pressure, making for a very relaxing and comfortable treatment.

This comprehensive one-day course gives a simple introduction, insight and instruction into all the areas required to use Ear Candles.  This course is open to both practicing holistic therapists and practitioners and anyone else who has the desire to learn this awesome skill.  No previous knowledge is required; however, we do recommend completing Cert 4 or Diploma in Remedial Massage if you intend to practice professionally.


  • Ear candling loosens and removes excess wax from the ear canal and by doing so, effectively treats a number of common conditions such as headaches, migraines, sinusitis and tinnitus.
  • Ear candling can help with ringing in the ear and hearing loss.
  • Relief from vertigo and balancing of the ear fluids.
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Cupping is a wonderful form of treatment aimed at stimulating the body’s own healing powers.  It’s an ancient art of Traditional Chinese and Folk Medicines and is used to expel toxins from areas of pain and tightness. The practice uses glass or plastic cups, held in place by suction, to massage the body. The action on the nervous system can be sedating and the client can experience a deep state of relaxation.

During the treatment, traditionally the cups are placed on the back, shoulders and lower back. After treatment clients can experience a feeling of lightness and flexibility in the area which was creating pain or range of movement restrictions.

While cupping can be used as a treatment on its own, we prefer to teach this technique in combination with a massage. Stationary cups are left on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes to facilitate the release of stagnant blood, helping to draw out toxins and dispel internal heat.

In this full-body treatment, we learn a complete body detoxification system.

Massage cupping uses oil so the cup can glide over the skin to release tension and congestion in the muscles. Most cupping procedures will create a red to dark red circle on the skin but will disappear within a week.


Massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and all other practitioners dealing with soft tissue/myofascial problems – including practitioners who perform mobile services – will find this workshop very practical and informative.

The Myofascial releasing effect of cupping throughout the hips and iliotibial band can bring remarkable benefits!

We also explore a range of the most beneficial and therapeutic head and feet treatments to perform while the cups remain in place on target locations, so the client can deeply relax.

Other conditions that respond well to cupping massage therapies include:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle Tension
  • Tightness or Spasm
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Pain