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EMI Psychotherapy – Emotional Mind Integration

EMI Psychotherapy – Emotional Mind Integration

Emotional Mind Integration EMI, was founded by Yildiz Sethi and is Neuro-trance-psychotherapy. This powerful modality is a rapid deep transformative process that resolves your core issues of the heart, mind and soul in only a few sessions.

This unique process facilitates you to unravel and resolve your difficult or traumatic situations in a fast and simple way without traumatizing.

EMI is a powerful way of working with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, addiction, abuse and resolving inner conflict.

“LOVE is what we are born with. FEAR is what we learn.  The SPIRITUAL JOURNEY is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back in our hearts.”  

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How can EMI help you?

Most of us may sort out problems in our conscious mind successfully.

However, if a behaviour or problem has its source in the unconscious mind it is inaccessible to normal rational thinking.

A process like EMI is excellent for locating unconscious problems deep within you so they can be resolved and you can step forward on your journey of growth and development.

It is a revolutionary, powerful approach to healing and change.

EMI is Rapid and cost effective. Most issues only require 3-5 sessions. It is a process which locates the core of your issue or trauma mostly through body-based processes, heals and clears one neural pathway at a time and integrates the solution with the whole person within the session.

EMI is safe and there is no further chance of retraumatizing.  There is no need for months or years of therapy, which saves your valuable time and money.