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Hot Stone Therapy


Hot Stone Therapy uses heated stones as massage instruments help increase blood flow, aiding in cellular metabolism. The fresh blood carries oxygen and vital nutrients, key ingredients for healing.  It assists and increases lymphatic flow and the removal of toxins and waste products.  Heat also acts as a vital ingredient to promote relaxation, providing relief for tight muscles and nerves – one of the major benefits we all seek from a massage or body treatment.  The warm, relaxed muscles enable the therapist to work on a deeper level providing a powerful massage.

Hot Stone Therapy is highly versatile as it can be incorporated into any style of massage from Swedish, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian), Deep Tissue and Sports Massage to Shiatsu or Reflexology.


Stones have been around as long as the earth and the use of Hot Stone treatments goes back thousands of years.  The Chinese used heated stones as a means of improving the function of internal organs. Hawaiian Kahunas wrapped lava stones in leaves as part of their healing treatments. In the Philippines, rough Basalt stones are commonly used to slough off dead skin. In both Russia and Japan, hot black stones are used for their therapeutic benefits.

It’s cleansing and deeply relaxing…

The gentle weight of each stone combined with massage helps to push toxins out of the muscles and into the lymphatic system to assist in eliminating metabolic waste.  The strategic placement applies pressure to specific acupressure points or Chakra energy points and using heated rocks, prepares the areas for deeper massage.  The stones combined with massage, in effect magnifies each massage stroke because the muscle tissue has been ‘loosened’ by the stones.  The benefits go well beyond the therapist’s hands alone.


    • Increases circulation, lymph and vitality
    • Promotes the release of toxins and eliminates excess
    • Irons out tight muscles, softening the tissue with heat
    • Improves the tone of visceral organs
    • Encourages the flow of blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients which accelerates healing
    • Eases tension, alleviates stiffness and increases flexibility
    • Leaves a deep feeling of relaxation and ‘weight of the world’ greatly reduced

In this one day course you will learn the sequence which will be a powerful add-on to your existing set of skills. This massage is so deeply relaxing and restorative your client’s will be raving about this treatment to their friends and family.

All you need are your two rice cookers and a set of stones (info on where to purchase stones on day of course) and you are set!