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Pregnancy Massage

Why do pregnant women FALL IN LOVE with a skilled and nurturing massage therapist?

Sophie’s experience…

“When I was pregnant 20 years ago I valued the nurturing hands of my massage therapist.  I had my two babies in summer so my feet and legs were swollen from the heat.  As my belly grew, my lower back began to feel sore especially as the curve of my lower back increased and pressure heightened on my joints.  My hips ached as the ligaments became looser, due to the hormone Relaxin, which is released in pregnancy.”


Pregnancy massages are vastly different to normal massages and in this course, you will learn how to position the client safely and comfortable before the massage even begins. There are 2 common positions, lying on the side or semi –reclining. Both positions use supporting pillows to allow complete comfort and safety for mother and baby.

We avoid using treatment tables with holes as we have often seen women experience pelvic instability and spurious labour due to ligaments being stretched in abnormal ways.  Bellies are in the way for a reason!

Skilled Therapists for Peace of Mind…

When it comes to pregnancy massage, pregnant women have different needs than those who are not and require certain care and attention that only a trained and qualified massage therapist can give. Many standard massage therapists perform pregnancy massages without specialised training or certification. This can be potentially harmful to both mother and baby.

In this one-day course, you will discover which points of the body to avoid during the massage, which essential oils are unsuitable and which areas of the body require altered pressure.


Pregnancy massage is a wonderfully relaxing experience and provides much-needed relief on a deeper level

  • It delivers stress relief for weight-bearing joints, such as the lower back, pelvis and ankles.
  • Increases blood circulation and helps reduce stress, which can stabilise blood pressure.
  • Increases oxygen and nutrients to both mum and bub.
  • More nutrients are delivered to the baby and mum will feel more energised as well.
  • Eliminates toxins from the body and decreases fatigue.
  • Stabilises hormone levels.
  • Provides relief for headaches, backache, swelling, sore feet, stiff joints and sciatica.
  • Encourages correct posture, helping to prevent future postural imbalances.
  • Relaxes the mind & body. This results in improved sleep and a healthier and happier mum.

Supporting with Childbirth and from here on…

Pregnancy massage can also help to facilitate an easier childbirth and postpartum care through:

  • Increased flexibility of muscles, allowing for an easier birth.
  • Relaxing the pelvis. This can sometimes assist with the rotation of a breech presentation.
  • Faster postpartum recovery for both vaginal and caesarian births
  • Milk production improves as there is less tension in the body and this facilitates easier and more enjoyable breastfeeding.