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Shamanic Women's Workshops

A Shamanic Women's Healing Circle will deepen connections to your feminine self.

You will share your experience with like minded women, as women so need to..

It’s an afternoon of embracing and loving your feminine self and an opportunity to heal ancestral wounds that run deep within you.

Our busy lifestyles have disconnected us from some of the most vital traditions of our ancestors. Women gathering and connecting does something beautiful for the soul. it opens us up to experiencing deep inner peace, living a life of embodiment, empowerment and knowing.

  • Deepen your connection with your Feminine Self
  • Deepen your connection beyond resistance, beyond the agony, suffering, resentment and grief of the Feminine wounding
  • Awaken the Shamanic Woman in you… she is not as far away as you think she may be
  • Open into the safety of your true essence
  • Let go and surrender into a blissful state of being you long for
  • Expand your awareness

Our womb

Think of the womb as a vessel which is a container, holding the power and mystery of our deep feminine. Whether our womb has been surgically removed or we have not been able to bear a child, or severe trauma has taken place in this area, it is the extraordinary energy which this sacred space holds and provides us with the ecstatic connection to our sacred self as a woman.  

The journey inward, is our greatest walk of the feminine descent.  As our physical, energetic and emotional blocks are released and healed, our hearts begins to open more fully. Sexuality and heart reconnect and the natural flow of life force can take place like nature intended.

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Clinics in Mackay, Brisbane and Sydney
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