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Published: 13 March 2016

Benefits of Massage | Massage Brisbane

Whether you are a hard working mother,a fresh college grad, or enjoying retirement, you need a massage. No matter where you are in your life, you not only need a massage, you DESERVE a massage. Why? Because you need to take time to yourself. So often we get caught up in work or the lives of others, we forget to take a moment to really appreciate our own and relax. Personally, it feels like my mind is constantly moving a thousand miles a minute, always thinking of the next step I need to take to achieve what I set out to do for the day. Even trivial things such as laundry and clean dishes take priority over our own well being, which is absolutely ridiculous!

Whether you are new to the art of massage or a seasoned massage veteran, the benefits of this historical alternative medicine are undeniable. Here are a few reasons you should get a massage as soon as possible.

1. Massage is a proven stress and anxiety reliever

According to the 2015 APS Stress and wellbeing in Australia survey, anxiety symptoms were the highest in 2015 than they have been for the past five years, with 35% of Australians report having a "significant level of distress in their lives," and 26% of Australians having "above normal levels of anxiety symptoms." Whether this is due to a rapid increase in the use of technology or a decrease of the work-life balance, the result remains the same.


Massage not only works away at tension in the muscles, it is scientifically proven that massage causes a decrease in cortisol, the hormone your body produces when you are stressed. Patients almost always end a massage feeling more grounded and calm than before, due to the massive decrease in muscle tension and a calm and clear head.

2. Massage improves mood and sleep patterns

This is no surprise considering the relaxing effect massage has on the body. Some factors that keep us up most at night are stress and muscle pain or tension, both of which massage has proven positive effects on, especially joint and muscle pain.

3.Massage boosts immunity

There is a known correlation between stress and a decrease in health, because "when responding to stress, the body conserves energy by suppressing the digestive and immune systems." Chronic stress is especially dangerous for the body, causing an increase in diseases that specifically attack the immune system. By restoring normal circulation to the body and decreasing stress, massage actually improves the immune system for the better.


Have any more ways massage has improved your life? Comment below!


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